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Personal Coaching

Helping you achieve your goals and reach your potential through online coaching




How much is it costing you not to get help?


I'm feeling and thinking negatively


Fear and self-doubt are dictating my life


I don’t know what I should be doing with my life


My relationships and family life are suffering


I feel unmotivated and uninspired


Everyone else seems to be happier or more successful


I want to make a change, but I’m scared


I’m afraid to stand-up for myself


I feel overwhelmed and struggle to balance everything

Everyone needs a helping hand…

You deserve be in control of your mind and your life

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Eliminate the Blocks

We'll use a range of proven tools including music technology to overcome what's been holding you back

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Create a Success Mindset

We'll use powerful processes to rewire your mind for success

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Gain Real-Life Results

We'll tailor the approach to your real-life needs and circumstances to create success in your life and business

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Book a FREE call with James to see how he can help you.

Here’s what will happen:
  • You'll have a FREE 30-60 minutes online call to discuss your challenges, blocks, needs and requirements

  • You’ll receive information on how James may be able to help you and the next steps you can take

  • You’ll receive an action plan that will help you to move forward

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After that, if you wish to continue work with James, then you can expect to receive:
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Non-judgemental and honest, client-centred support

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Proven strategies and simple life-changing processes

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Transformational music-based tools and techniques

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A personalised action plan blueprint

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Greater life clarity, resiliency, confidence, and self-love

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A pathway to greater happiness and success

What to do now:

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Schedule a call

Get to the root of your problems in a free 30-60 minute call

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Work Together

We’ll work together to remove the barriers, overcome the challenges and achieve success

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Be in Control

Enjoy being in control of your mindset and your life

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James knows what it feels like to feel lost, unfulfilled, uninspired and unworthy of success.
He has overcome low-self-esteem, depression and marital and family challenges, by working with some of the world’s top coaches and trainers.


This has resulted in him becoming the UK’s leading “Empowerment Songwriter,” an international speaker and best-selling author. 

Through qualifications in NLP, Law of Attraction, Life Coaching, and Holistic Lifestyle coaching, he has worked with thousands of people over the last 20 years as a university lecturer, training provider, speaker and coach.

James now helps people that want to feel better about themselves take positive action steps forward so that they can achieve their goals and reach their potential. Unlike other coaches, he includes powerful music-based personal development activities and process that accelerate your mindset transformation.

What people say about James Dand:

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Ray Coates

"An hour with James is worth several weeks! And you can quote me on that! My experience has been incredible and very, very beneficial. The guy knows what he's talking about; he's got a lot of experience, and the whole way he communicates is absolutely incredible."


Leja Potocnik
Dancer, Choreographer & Mover

"James's coaching  helped me connect with my purpose and get clearer on my business.
I feel very safe talking to him, and feel that he understands and sees me. 
His coaching process included powerful visualisations with music, and this made me relax completely, which enabled me to move out of my head and to focus on my heart and emotions.
I fully recommend James to anyone else who wants to move forward in their business or life.

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Rani Kaur

"Since working with James for 12 weeks, all main areas of my life have improved. I'm now far less stressed and anxious; I'm sleeping much, much better; My life is now much more fun (changing ratings from 2/10 to a 9/10); My relationships have improved; My diabetes has dramatically improved (blood sugar levels have changed from 28ml to around 5-6ml).
I have gained more clarity and understanding about myself and feel so much more empowered because of this"

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How does coaching work?
  • Each coaching session is performed over a Zoom call

  • James will apply proven processes within the fields of NLP, EFT and music therapy amongst others

  • You will receive tools to accelerate your mindset and transformation including a range of music-based resources



Contact James to discuss your requirements


Discover What Might Be Holding You Back From More Happiness and Success!

Your Information is Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.

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