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A FREE online coaching session to help you you achieve your goals and reach your potential 




How much is it costing you not to get help?


I'm feeling and thinking negatively


Fear and self-doubt are dictating my life


I don’t know what I should be doing with my life or business


My relationships and family life are suffering


I feel unmotivated and uninspired


Everyone else seems to be happier or more successful


I want to make a change, but I’m scared


I’m afraid to speak-up for myself


I feel overwhelmed and struggle to balance everything

Everyone needs a helping hand…

You deserve be in control of your mind, your career and your life

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Eliminate the Blocks

We'll use a range of proven processes to overcome what's been holding you back

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Create a Success Mindset

We'll use powerful methods to rewire your mind for success

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Gain Real-Life Results

We'll tailor the approach to your real-life needs and circumstances to create success in your life and career

What to do now:

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Schedule a session

Click the button to schedule your FREE 60-minute coaching call with James

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Attend the call

We’ll work together to remove your mindset blocks, overcome your challenges and move you forward

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Gain benefits

You'll leave the session with valuable tools, and clarity on what to do next

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Here's what others have said about the sessions:

☑️ "I am grateful for this amazing experience with James. Our 1st coaching session was an absolute success; he has helped me understand myself and my money blockages. I am grateful for his knowledge and expertise. He fully understands my subconscious situation and is helping me aligning myself with my purpose and best version. Thanks to James, now I know what to do and where to start." (Laurian Talianu - Massage Therapist)


☑️ "Thank you James I benefited from the coaching session so much. Not only will it help me in my business but also my life in general. So, I cannot thank you enough." (Khadijah Jabbie - Network Marketer)


☑️ "After my coaching call today, I'd highly recommend James Dand. He is genuinely empathetic, compassionate and has thorough understanding of life's difficulties. I have gained many useful tools and the confidence to tackle my issues head on in a more proactive and productive manner." (Danny Wise - Personal Trainer)


☑️ "James's excellent ability to empathize and understand whatever you may need support with is superb. Highly recommend working with James." (Jemma Rosenthal - Singer-Songwriter/Coach)

☑️ "I got a feeling like I made a new person in myself." (Louisa Moulton - Network Marketer)

☑️ "I would like to recommend James after having a coaching session with him. He has given me coping tools for when my expectations have not been met, which has helped me in my day-to-day life and I’m looking positively to the future." (Julie Jeffery - Network Marketer)


☑️ "I now have greater clarity of the purpose of my life. I fully recommend James to anyone else who wants to move forward in their business or life." (Leja Potocnik – Dancer and Choreographer)

☑️ "I recommend connecting with James if you are looking to become a better version and a more aligned version of yourself." (Harpal Singh Johal)

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Ray Coates

"An hour with James is worth several weeks! And you can quote me on that! My experience has been incredible and very, very beneficial. The guy knows what he's talking about; he's got a lot of experience, and the whole way he communicates is absolutely incredible."


Leja Potocnik
Dancer, Choreographer & Mover

"James's coaching  helped me connect with my purpose and get clearer on my business.
I feel very safe talking to him, and feel that he understands and sees me. 
His coaching process included powerful visualisations with music, and this made me relax completely, which enabled me to move out of my head and to focus on my heart and emotions.
I fully recommend James to anyone else who wants to move forward in their business or life.

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Rani Kaur

"Since working with James for 12 weeks, all main areas of my life have improved. I'm now far less stressed and anxious; I'm sleeping much, much better; My life is now much more fun (changing ratings from 2/10 to a 9/10); My relationships have improved; My diabetes has dramatically improved (blood sugar levels have changed from 28ml to around 5-6ml).
I have gained more clarity and understanding about myself and feel so much more empowered because of this."


Jan Minney
Network Marketer & Nurse

"Before working with James, I had little life direction; feeling lost and lacking the motivation to change. When working with James, I immediately started to shift the beliefs I had about my business and quickly became more confident. James helped me to eliminate my money and mindset blocks, which has enabled me to manifest more money into my life. My confidence has dramatically grown, which has resulted in me gaining more customers and multiplying my income.

James’s coaching has enabled me to heal past traumas and move forwards with my life. I highly recommend James to anyone who wishes to overcome their challenges and move forwards in their life."

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Kate Iwaniszewski

"Before working with James, I did not reflect, and can see now I had a lack of self-awareness, and often was running on autopilot.

Since working with James, I now have a lot more awareness of my journey, greater self-belief and awareness, and have the tools to be able to manage my mind more effectively, which has resulted in me gaining a new job.

I recommend others to invest in themselves and work with James to enable them to gain a better understanding of their mindset and habits, and move forward in their life."

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Linda Stern

"James is a very caring and intuitive therapist. He helped me to understand where my unwanted and unhelpful  beliefs came from. I am very grateful for this. Thankyou James."

The agreement:

  • 1 free coaching session per person via Zoom (with NO sales pitch during the call).

  • Afterwards, if you wish to find out about options for continuing to work together then we can arrange another free call to explore possibilities (ONLY if you are a good fit for what I do, and if I'm a good fit for what you’re looking for).


Would you like to benefit from this too?

Schedule your call by clicking the link below...

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