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James Dand speaking on stage with a standing ovation

An EXPERIENCE You'll Remember and Truly Value!

Keynote event speaking, conferences, virtual events and webinars

James Dand Can Wow Your Audience with an Inspirational, Entertaining and Memorable Performance


👉 Change is occurring quicker than ever before
👉 People are more distracted than ever before
👉 Stress levels and mental health issues have skyrocketed

You deserve to be inspired!

James Dand on stage with audience performing an activity
Happy audience members when James Dand is speaking

Event Planners...

👉 Unhappy with speakers that don’t deliver what they promise?
👉 Worried that attendees will lose interest?
👉 Frustrated with speakers that are unorganised and unprofessional?

You deserve to have peace of mind!

Audience participating at James Dand live event

"James has a way of engaging the audience in ways you may not believe."

(John Nicholson - CEO  Community Driving School)

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An EXPERIENCE you'll remember and truly value...

Whether on stage in front of thousands, or in a small conference room, James gives 100% to create a positive atmosphere, whilst delivering a highly memorable speech. He works hard to ensure that everyone feels elated and joyful, and are fully immersed into the experience… all whilst being educated and transforming their mindset.

This creates a positive impact that lasts for years to come.

Happy audience members with James Dand speaking
Audience member answering a question when James Dand is on stage

James will inspire attendees to:

✔️ Elevate self-worth
✔️ Become more resilient
✔️ Increase emotional intelligence
✔️ Overcome fears and self-doubt 
✔️ Increase self-confidence and belief
✔️ Take inspired action
✔️ Effectively lead others
✔️ Create positive habits
✔️ Be more happy and fulfilled
✔️ Work more effectively as a team
✔️ Effectively navigate change

Engaged audience at James Dand speaking event

"One of the best talks I’ve ever heard ."

(Will Polston - TEDx & International speaker NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Master Coach, Huffington Post blogger)

James’s promise is that attendees will be:

James Dand playing guitar - Audience Entertained

1. Entertained

Benefiting from thought-provoking stories and engaging activities

James Dand educating an audience

2. Educated

Receiving valuable life-changing tools and processes

Audience members feel empowered when attending James Dand's events

3. Empowered

Becoming inspired and motivated to make a positive change

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