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James is the UK’s leading 'Empowerment Songwriter', writing music specifically for personal development to help people to unleash their inner power. He has around two decades' experience working with thousands of people as a university lecturer and coach, and is also an international speaker; a contributing author of a best-selling book; and has been commissioned to create music for multi-million-dollar companies, best-selling authors, and international speakers.


His aim is to use transformational music within experiential training courses to help personal development enthusiasts become committed and empowered to achieve more so that they have a positive impact in the world.

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Empowerment Songs Albums Data:


•    Total: 24
•    Gender: 12 male / 12 female
•    Countries involved: England, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Dubai, USA
•    Albums: 3
•    Songs: 31
•    Genres: Rock, Pop, Ballads, Country, Musical Theatre, Soul (+ 1 instrumental track)

Empowerment Songs Albums - Contributors Quotations:


Quote by James Dand (Empowerment Songs Project creator, songwriter, vocalist and musician based in Kent UK): “Writing lyrics with a personal development theme, incorporating concepts such as ‘knowing that you are good enough’, ‘believing in yourself’, and ‘overcoming fears and doubts’ was personal to me, because I had been someone who had suffered for many years with low self-esteem and poor confidence. Music was a way that I could express myself and shine my own light. I wanted to create an opportunity to allow other musicians and non-musicians to use their own inner gifts, so that together we could make a positive impact in the world, with the music inspiring and empowering other people to feel good about themselves. I think this is very much needed right now with all the challenges that society is currently facing.”

Quote by Simon Pellett (guitarist based in USA): "I'm extremely proud to be able to contribute to James's vision and help him bring it to completion. My own self improvement journey has taught me the incredible value of mindset, having struggled with anxiety and depression for all of my adult life. Something I talk about on my podcast Music On Your Own Terms, is the importance of mental health and how each of us making a commitment to working on our own emotional intelligence and growing as individuals, has the potential of vastly improving society for the better. James's music is a fantastic tool in helping people grow emotionally and create the opportunities they dream of."

Quote by Victoria Smith-Gillard (vocalist based in Kent, UK): "One of the vocalists on the albums said: “It has been so important, never more so in a year like this, to be involved in a project which focuses on helping people's mental and emotional health. I love singing (it raises your spirits too!), and to be able to contribute in that way has been something I never dreamed was possible, but it shows you that ‘impossible’ can just be in the mind. The song had personal meaning for me, in that i have had to fight mentally, emotionally to overcome so many struggles internally and create a stronger, more positive mindset and healthier body and spirit, and to be able to really become me without fear of judgement or disapproval, and I am sure this is why so many will resonate with certain songs on the album, as it has been part of their journey! Along my journey, my most common phrase which is now the strapline for my business and how I help pets as well as people, is 'Awareness is Empowerment'. If we don't become aware there is something to change/heal, then how can we choose that choice, Awareness empowers us to take actions and seek help, heal, change something within our life that will be beneficial for us to change, make different choices to create a different outcome.”

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