Looking For A Simple Way To Enhance Your Mindset?
“New Product Enhances Your Thoughts 150 X Per Day
For The Rest Of Your Life”

Introducing: 150 Empowerment Song Lyric Phone Wallpapers

To Inspire and Motivate You Throughout Your Day

Did you know that on average 80% of our thoughts are negative?

This shocking statistic leads results in unhappiness, limiting beliefs, anxiety, stress and depression...

And stops us from achieving our goals.

To make matters worse, research shows that the average smartphone owner unlocks their phone 150 times a day...

Which actually leads to further overwhelmanxiety, stress, addiction etc.

Therefore, I created a product that can:

  • Increase your positive thoughts and feelings

  • Affirm and en-grain the Empowerment Songs concepts and principles into your mind

  • Be applied over and over again without you having to do anything new in your day


150 Empowerment Song Lyric Phone Wallpapers


Each wallpaper image contains powerful lyrics from the Empowerment Songs albums...

Which will reset and turbocharge your mindset every time you look at your phone

(on average, this is 150 x per day!)

Here's How It Works…

1. Purchase and Download The Images

Press The Button Below, Fill Out The Form and Download Your Files

2. Save a chosen Wallpaper onto Your Phone

Add Your Chosen Wallpaper To Your Phone (instructions provided)

3. Gain Benefits Every Day

Go About Your Day Feeling Inspired and Motivated Every Time You Check Your Phone

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Here's what You Get:


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150 different phone wallpaper files in total to download

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4 different designs (plus 2 bonus)

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37 different Empowerment Song lyrics (per design) (plus 2 bonuses)

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All lyrics taken from the Empowerment Songs albums

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Instructions on how to add them to your phone included

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Compatible with iPhone and Android

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140 Empowerment Song Lyric Phone Wallpapers


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Inner Anthem makes no guarantees or representation that by using this product you will gain mindset, health or other benefits. 

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