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An event to inspire and empower your attendees!

In-person and online talks and workshops that leave attendees feeling happy and inspired




 Boring, unengaging talks cause attendee dissatisfaction and complaints

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Tired of watching yet another death-by-PowerPoint presentation?

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Worried that attendees will lose interest?

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Frustrated with speakers that are unorganised and unprofessional?

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Unhappy with speakers that don’t deliver what they promise?

Event attendees deserve to be encapsulated and inspired!

(And event organisers should have peace of mind)

Book James Dand for a highly energised, engaging, and entertaining performance at your event.

Online and in-person services include:
  • Talks

  • Keynote speeches

  • Workshops for teams, schools, colleges and universities

  • Seminars and summits

  • Musical performances

Topic areas:

All presentations and workshops can be customized to your specific needs and audience. Example topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How to discover, embrace and unleash your inner gifts and talents

  • How to feel good enough, worthy and deserving of living the life you desire

  • How to overcome setbacks, apply resilience and become unstoppable

  • How to overcome fears and doubts, and be courageous

  • How to use music to build your business brand and make more sales



Contact James to discuss your requirements

As an international speaker, best-selling author and empowerment songwriter and coach, James will ensure that your attendees receive:


Attendees will know how to enhance their lives



Attendees will benefit from thought-provoking, real-life stories (and optional musical performances)



Attendees will be inspired and motivated

The result is an incredible EXPERIENCE

How to book James for your event:

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Contact James

Click the button below to contact James

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Discuss your requirements

Inform James of the event details and aims

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Inspire your Attendees

Sit back and allow James to educate, entertain and empower your attendees

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Having organised events himself, James Dand knows the time and effort it takes to ensure that they are successful.

He has also sat through numerous events as an attendee, and understands the importance of having good quality, people-centred professional speakers who engage the audience.

James has spoken in front of thousands of people for the last 20 years as a university lecturer, training provider, and speaker. He has spoken on stage to audiences of 300+ people in Europe and the UK, and was recently voted "best guest speaker" at an event in Zurich. James has also performed numerous music gigs in the UK and France, and utilises live or recorded music within his talks to great effect.


He has been coached and mentored by some of the world's top trainers and coaches, and has qualifications in NLP, Law of Attraction, Life Coaching, and Holistic Lifestyle coaching amongst others.

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What people say about James Dand and Inner Anthem:

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Brian Wakefield
Owner: BBN Networking Group 

"Having witnessed hundreds of talks and presentations over the years, I found James’s talk to be extremely inspiring and highly memorable. Not only did James deliver an outstanding talk, but also included a heartfelt live music performance which resulted in a standing ovation from the 50 business owners in the room. I still haven't witnessed anything quite like it, with plenty of tears in eyes and lumps in throats, all for the right reasons. Whenever I have seen James speak and perform, he never fails to deliver the goods.


I consider James to be an exceptional talent and highly recommend booking him for your event!"

Keith Mabbutt.jpg

Keith Mabbutt
Founder: Street Soccer Foundation

" I had no hesitation in inviting James to be our Guest Speaker and to open the event – and his uplifting talk was just terrific. It was the best way to start the day and he instantly injected enthusiasm, belief and confidence in the room – and had many a smile created too on the faces of all involved. It was the perfect way to get the day started, relaxing and engaging the room, whilst empowering everyone to make it the best day and experience possible – which I’m delighted to say, was achieved for all.


In short, James is brilliant and a wonderful person, who we will definitely be looking to work with again."

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John Nicholson
CEO & Founder: Community Driving School

"I would recommend anybody listen to James Dand, as he speaks from the heart. It was compelling listening, and he brought the message home so much that a year later, one of my pupils was talking about how she remembered the talk and what it meant to her.

James has a way of engaging the audience which brings them into contact with the subject matter in ways you may not believe. He genuinely captivates his audience in the subject matter.

His delivery and methodologies are exciting and varied so he doesn’t lose the audience. I cannot wait to invite James again as he always delivers."

Will polston.jpg

Will Polston
TEDx & International Speaker, Huffington Post blogger

"I’ve got to say this. I’m in tears. I’ve run over 300 events, and that’s one of the best talks I’ve ever heard"

Victoria Sheridan.png

Victoria Sheridan
Rejuvenation, Lifestyle and Business Coach 

"James delivered a professional, highly engaging, and very well received keynote presentation to a wide range of entrepreneurs and business companies. He provided an excellent mix of education, emotional stories and humour, which connected deeply with the audience and inspired them to take action. I highly recommend James as an event speaker"


Mac Attram
No. 1 International Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Millionaire Entrepreneur

"James is a great person to work with. James, thank you for being such a professional in what you do. I highly recommend James"

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