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Not Living Your Life Fully?

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Do you feel uninspired and unmotivated?

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Is fear and self-doubt holding you back from taking action?

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Does the work you do leave you feeling unfulfilled?

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Are you struggling to make a positive change?

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Do you often feel overwhelmed?

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Do you have unmet dreams and desires?

You deserve to live the life you truly want to live!

   Choose to start creating the life you want … today!   

Enhance your mindset to enable you to:
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Move through failure to gain success

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Succeed despite challenges or obstacles

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Overcome fears and inhibitions

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Ignore criticism from others

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Creatively use your inner gifts and talents

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Realise and reach your true potential

High Self-Esteem

Stop berating yourself … Start embracing and appreciating your true value

Applied Courage

Don’t let fear take over your life … Take the steps needed to achieve your goals

Living With Purpose

Don’t just be a passer-by … Live a life that truly means something to you

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James Dand, founder of Inner Anthem, is a songwriter, international speaker, coach and best-selling author.

But he knows what it feels like to avoid taking action towards his dreams because of self-doubt and fear.

And that is why he chose to train with several of the world’s top coaches to improve his own mindset, and now helps inspire and empower others to do the same...

Through Empowerment Music:
Through International Speaking and Training:
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Trained thousands of people over 20 years as a university lecturer, training provider and coach

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Spoken on stage to audiences of 300+ people in Europe and the UK

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Voted "best speaker" at the Brand By Speaking event in Zurich

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Hired by multi-million dollar companies, best-selling authors, and international speakers

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Featured alongside artists including Ron Wood (Rolling Stones) on a national release

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UK National Songwriting Contest Finalist

What people say about James Dand and Inner Anthem:

Will Polston

TEDx & International Speaker, Huffington Post blogger

"I’ve run over 300 events, and that’s one of the best talks I’ve ever heard"

Matt Attram

No. 1 International Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Millionaire Entrepreneur 

"I highly recommend James if you're looking for someone to compose a piece of music that you're going to be proud of for your events"

Trisha Harvey

Multi-Million Pound Property Investor & International Speaker

"James did an amazing job [with our event song]. We could not be happier. Loved it. Thank you so much"

Trusted By:



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THE Music Albums for Personal Development!

Music to Unleash Your Inner Power

1. Purchase the Albums

Access the music and tools that will increase your self-esteem

2. Listen and Learn

Play the albums and use the tools  included to enhance your mindset with minimal time or effort

3. Become Unstoppable

Be inspired and empowered in reaching your potential

What to do first…

The simplest-ever plan to enhance your self-esteem

What makes Inner Anthem so different?

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James Dand (Inner Anthem), knows you are the kind of person who wants to be achieving their goals and reaching their potential. In order to be that way, you need a way of controlling your mindset.


The problem is most people subconsciously don’t feel they are good enough, and avoid taking action do to fears and self-doubt. James believes that you shouldn’t have to live a life dictated by fear, anxiety and guilt. He understands what it feels like to feel scared, uncertain and unconfident. That’s why he now educates and empowers people to overcome their fears and self-doubt.

Here’s how it works:

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Want more success?

Download the FREE Ring of Light Visualisation

"The powerful visualisation that will magnetise your desires ... and leave you feeling amazing."

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(Access strong feelings of:  Gratitude  -  Joy  -  Confidence  -  Fulfilment)

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