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James Dand speaking in front of an audience of entrepreneurs

Transform Your Workforce and Organisation

In-person and online workshops, seminars, coaching and consultancy

James Dand Can Educate and Motivate You and Your Team to Achieve Better Results, with Greater Fulfilment

Are your Workforce Functioning Optimally?

👉 Desperate to know what’s holding your employees back?
👉 Need to motivate and inspire your team?
👉 Experiencing a lack of vision or purpose?
👉 People around you feeling negative and stressed?
👉 Struggling to cope with change?
👉 Employees or customers feeling unhappy or unfulfilled?

James Dand on stage with a flipchart
James Dand on stage writing on a flipchart

Worried about the future?

👉 Industry change is occurring quicker than ever before
👉 Employees face far more distractions nowadays
👉 Business is far more competitive now than in previous years
👉 Employee stress levels and mental health issues have skyrocketed
👉 Companies are facing new challenges every year
👉 Staff want to be trained and developed to be able to excel

James Dand delivering a speech to entrepreneurs

How James Dand can help...

It’s been proven that increasing employee happiness and fulfilment results in greater productivity and income.

When your people learn how to master their mindset, navigate change, and become more resilient, your company will reap numerous rewards for years to come, including greater staff satisfaction, employee engagement and increased sales.

If you’d like to ignite and inspire your team, resulting in a happy, motivated and productive workforce, then James’s corporate training is for you. 

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James Dand smiling at a happy audience

This is NOT just another death-by-PowerPoint presentation! 

No matter the size of the audience, James works hard to engage all attendees, and deliver a highly impactful presentation that leaves people informed and inspired.

The benefits will last for years to come.

A captive audience raising their hands

"A captive audience from the beginning."

(Moira Cupples – NK College)

Requested Topics:


Poor mental health increases staff absence, reduces productivity and results in lost revenue.

1. Understand the most-prominent mental health issues and challenges experienced
2. Discover the mind’s role in dealing with and combatting mental health issues
3. Effectively support others who are experience mental health challenges
4. Implement a simple and effective metal health first aid action plan to deal with mental health challenges
5. Apply a range of effective self-help tools for dealing with mental health challenges

When you effectively manage your mindset and mental health, you become happier, more productive and achieve better results.


Poor decisions, procrastination and low achievement are all caused by an inability to effectively master your mindset.

1. Understand your mind’s role in achieving work-life balance and achieving results
2. Effectively cope with stress and become more resilient
3. Overcome mindset blocks and prime your mind to achieve greater success
4. Implement positive habits and routines to increase productivity and promote balance
5. Apply a range of effective tools and processes for optimising work and life balance and results

When you learn how to master your mindset, you elevate your performance.


If you don’t know how to inspire, motivate or empower others, your team will suffer.

1. Learn the mind’s role in creating positive change
2. Motivate and empower yourself and others as an inspiring leader
3. Effectively overcome individual and team challenges
4. Create an effective and productive team culture
5. Accelerate and maximise team and organisational results

When you understand the secrets of how the mind works, you become a leader who inspires, motivates and empowers others to greater success.

Audience applausing James Dand

"Easily the best mental health training I have ever attended."

(Alison Pryor – NK College)

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